Cari Osborne Photography | Feedback!

I just wanted to share just a few of the wonderful comments I have received from my fabulous customers. YOU are the reason I offer these prints free and low-cost. Thank you for your continued support!


"I just came across your blog today by accident. I was searching for the perfect Christmas gift for my husband. We were married 7 years ago in the Logan temple and have never had a picture of the temple in our home. He has mentioned many times that he'd LOVE a picture of the temple.  So, I went searching. My husband works full time and is in school full time. I'm a stay at home mom and our Christmas limit for eachother is $20. I quickly discovered that there's NO WAY I'd be able to get him a picture of the temple. THEN, I found your website!  I wish I had the words to tell you how grateful I am to you for putting your images of the temple on your blog for FREE!!!!!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  I can NOT wait to give him a framed BEAUTIFUL picture of 'our' temple!" ~ Melissa




"I just wanted to Thank You again for your awesome temple prints!  Our fundraiser for girls camp was a HUGE SUCCESS and everyone who purchased a temple picture absolutely loved them! You are an amazing photographer and a very generous person.  On behalf of our young women and leaders, thank you!" ~Jennifer




"You are very talented!! I have downloaded two photographs of temples for my children's rooms. We're going through a very rough patch right now and just the fact that you are willing to share your talents free of charge has brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing!!! When we get back on our feet I'll be back to purchase my favorite picture for display in our home! Again, THANK YOU!!!" ~Aimee




"Thank you so much for having beautiful pictures of the temple available for use. I am a young women's president and can't afford to buy beautiful things for my girls. Our lesson tomorrow is on temples, and I am excited to have some beautiful temple images to, hopefully, help them "catch the vision" of the importance of temples in our lives."  ~Jess



"This took my breath away when I saw it...thank you! You are blessed with amazing talent, thanks for sharing!" ~Shirley



"You know, the Temple you are sealed in is usually the "greatest" Temple ever. This Temple is beautiful inside and out, and you truly captured the jewel of the desert in this picture. Thank you for making "the greatest Temple ever". Look so good." ~Kendra