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Attention photographers: If you have good quality high-resolution images of temples (3,000 pixels or higher, taken with an SLR camera) in Latin America, Asia, Pacific Islands or Africa that you would like to share your with others, please contact me at cariandanthony {at} gmail {dot} com with a sample of your images. People from all around the world are looking for low cost, beautiful temple images to display in their home and it is a great way to provide service to others!

*Songwriter Sara Lyn Baril is looking for temple images for her upcoming music video for her song "A Place to Heal". If you have photos of temples in Canada, Asia, South and Central America, please contact me with a sample image at cariandanthony {at} gmail {dot} com. Learn more about Sara's work at or


Featured Photographers


Laurie James: Laurie has had a camera since she was ten years old and loves to take pictures of her kids (and friends' kids), temples, landscapes, and more recently, her children's marching band. She bought her digital SLR about 7 years ago, and has loved it and its successor! Laurie has sent us photos of the Washington D.C. temple, the Laie, Hawaii temple (her son also contributed photos of this temple), and the Calgary and Cardston Alberta, Canada temples. 


Sara Madigan: I am so excited to add our first temple from Asia, the Hong Kong temple! Thanks to Sara Madigan from Sarey Mel Photography for these beautiful images! You can see more of Sara's work at or on facebook


Vanessa Isenbarger: Vanessa from Pearl Photo Design shared a lovely image of the Manti temple and we hope to see some Midwest temples from her in the future! Vanessa is a talented photographer based out of Indiana. She loves photographing families, babies and couples and capturing their personalities and preserving their life story. You can see more of Vanessa's work at or on facebook at


Heather Coon: Heather has so generously shared her beautiful photo of the Orlando temple!


Dave Amodt: Thanks to Dave for sharing his unique image of the St. George Temple!


Barbara Matson: Thank you Barbara for sharing your beautiful photos of the Billings, Montana, Winter Quarters, Nebraska, Boise, Idaho and Baton Rouge, Louisiana Temples! You can view more of Barbara's work on her blog


Daren Hatch Photography: Thank you Daren for sharing your beautiful photos of Anchorage, Alaska and the Salt Lake Temple at Christmas! Daren is a Utah based photographer specializing in portraits, families, weddings and more! Please visit Daren's photography site at 


Mandi Bailey: Thank you Mandi for sharing your beautiful images of the Kansas City, Missouri temple!